Safety/ Crisis Resources

LHSD is launching an “I’ve Got Your Back!” information campaign to provide families with resources and knowledge about online and social media safety. Over the next few months we will be sending information through e-newsletters, posting on our District Facebook Page and on our website for you to review.

With so many new apps and platforms, it can be difficult to keep up with the ways new technologies are intended to work for us, and the ways in which bad actors can use them against us.

That’s why LHSD will offer information on topics such as:(Click HERE for Safety Summit Resources provided on 4.10.24)

  • “Having the ‘Tech’ Talk” – how to discuss online and social media safety with your children.

  • “Apps to Be Aware of & Commonly Misused Apps”

  • “Safe Online Surfing Resources”

  • “Risks and Benefits of Parental Controls”

    Unfortunately, ensuring students are physically safe is only one part of the equation. Online threats to our students can take the form of manipulation, bullying, scamming, and blackmailing. Our goal is to provide information that helps parents understand what their children may be encountering online and offer strategies to keep them safe.

    Thank you for your continued support of our students, staff, and school community. Go Chiefs!


One available resource coordinated by the OSSC is the Safer Ohio School Tip Line, which is a free service that accepts calls and texts 24/7. The tip line allows students, parents, school administrators, and staff members to anonymously share information with school officials and law enforcement about threats to student safety. The tip line number is 844-723-3764.

The OSSC encourages reporting on:
• Bullying and cyberbullying incidents;
• Self-harm or suicidal behaviors;
• Withdrawn student behaviors;
• Verbal or written threats observed toward students, staff, or
the school itself;
• Weapons/suspicious devices on or near school grounds;
• Gang-related activities;
• Illegal drug use; and
• Unusual or suspicious behavior of students or associates.

Text or Call



Another resource is the Crisis Text Line. By texting the keyword “HOME” to 741 741 you will be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor within 5 minutes. Any person may need help in coping with a stressful situation. Reach out by text to communicate with someone trained to listen and respond in a method that is private, secure, and confidential.

The Crisis Text Line is a free, confidential service available 24/7 via text on mobile devices. Data usage while texting Crisis Text Line is free and the number will not appear on a phone bill with the mobile service carrier. People of all ages can use Crisis Text Line.
It is important to share these available resources with our students and families. We want you to know that there are resources available to you to be able to share concerns and talk to someone if you are feeling stressed.